Mezzanine Floors

Mezzanine Floors Perth is the only company in Western Australia that specialises in the manufacture and installation of Mezzanine Floors. All of our Mezzanine floors are manufactured by our Balcatta-based operation to ensure that our main business sectors receive their specific requirements assisted by our local service and guarantees.

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Real Estate Sector

Quick & simple solutions to transform warehouses, units & factory spaces into ideal work spaces for developers, real-estate brokers, owners & tenants.

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Industrial Sector

Mezzanine Floors Perth produces and installs a wide range of mezzanine steel framed floors, platforms and access systems designed to increase the productivity of your industrial workspace and optimize your facility’s return on investment.

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Commercial Sector

Our Mezzanine Floors provide cost-effective, convenient and easy ways to add more storage space or office space to your firm, whether you are just beginning, relocating to new premises or your company has expanded to the point of having no more space in your current facility.

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Retail Sector

Mezzanine Floors provide retailers with an easy way to increase available space in existing premises by accessing the unused space that can either add more useful sales area over existing sales areas or provide office or storage space out of sight.

Mezzanines for all Requirements

For any function, requirement or configuration, our mezzanines are sufficient. Mezzanine Floors Perth will provide a quality solution for your business, whether you need a simple storage area, additional office space or a multi-use, multi-level solution. Locally designed and produced ensures that we can change everything we do to ensure that you do not have to compromise and that your Mezzanine can get the full use and return.

Stairs, Safety Rail, Balustrade & Access Options

To fit the various uses of mezzanine floors, Mezzanine Floors Perth manufactures & installs a full range of steel stairs, ladders, hand-rail & balustrade systems. Our local team ensures that your goods are made to suit your unique specifications, regardless of your application and level of completion.

All our mezzanine floors are structurally accredited to the appropriate ratings 
by local Structural Engineer to check that they are constructed. 
Our standard systems are configured for 3Kpa 
or 6Kpa, but can be updated as needed. 
All steel frames made by Mezzanine Floors Perth are guaranteed for 
workmanship for years for an added piece of mind.

Certified & Guaranteed Mezzanines

Quality Construction, Choice of Flooring & Fit-Out Materials

Our steel frames provide additional strength & flexibility over alternative materials and a longevity that will last for decades to come to ensure your mezzanine frame. Our frames can be combined with all sorts of flooring styles and fit-out materials to ensure that you get the finish and design level that fits your purpose and the picture you need.









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